Your Responsibilities

    While we have a responsibility to safeguard your interests as our patient, it is important for you to play your part in the entire treatment process. We want to give you the best possible care that meets your needs and to address the anxieties of your family. We ask that you and your family:


  1. 1.    Provide complete information on your medical history (including allergies and medicines you are talking), financial circumstances, and other relevant details enable us to help you;
  2. 2.    Comply with the treatment plan given to you by our healthcare professionals
  3. 3.    Inform us when you encounter problems that prevent you from complying with the treatment plans;
  4. 4.    Advice us of changes in your  medical condition;
  5. 5.    Be responsible in meeting the required fees and charges for the medical services provided to you:
  6. 6.    A point a decision-maker to represent your wishes about care to us, in the event that you are unable to do so;
  7. 7.    Treat all staff and other patients and visitors with due respect and courtesy;
  8. 8.    Comply with the hospital’s regulations such as policy on visitation;
  9. 9.    Ask questions when you do not understand any instructions, so that we know you are capable of taking care of yourself at home after discharge.