Medical Records

The Chinese General Hospital & Medical Center Medical Records Department is committed to provide a quality medical record services for quality patient care and quality health information to our clients.

Medical record is a compilation of the patient’s history, illness management and treatment; it is the repository of information on patient’s care as well as utilization of hospital resources.

To protect the confidentiality of the patient’s record and for fast release of requested information the following must be presented when securing medical records.  

1.    Fill out the request form for medical records.
2.   Only concerned patient is allowed to request a medical record provided an authorization letter from Attending Physicians & valid ID are presented:

However, if the patient’s condition does not allow him to obtain such document his representative can do so with the ff. requirements:
1.    Authorization letter from Attending Physician
2.    Authorization letter from patient
3.    ID of patient
4.    ID of representative

For Minor
    1.    Authorization letter from Attending Physician
    2.    ID of mother or father
    3.    Birth certificate of child

If representative of minor
    1.    Above 3 requirements
    2.    Authorization letter from either parent
    3.    ID of representative

For deceased
    1.    Death certificate
    2.    Marriage contract if spouse, birth certificate if child
    3.    Authorization letter from Attending Physician
    4.    Valid ID of requestor

Only xerox copy affixed with certified true copy from original and signed by the Medical records clerk shall be released.
The Medical Records is open Mon-Sat except Holidays from 8 – 5 P.M.