ER Staff

We are committed to uphold the highest standard of quality emergency medical care.  Our patients receive exceptional services in a timely, convenient, friendly environment, by our dedicated emergency medical staff, for urgent and emergent medical situations

We are committed to rendering the highest level of quality of care by the er medical staff composed of qualified physicians, nurses, aides and orderlies.




CGHMC ERD takes pride on the fact that their entire staff of physicians and nurses is highly trained in Basic Life Support (BLS)/Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).  Our Emergency Room Medical Officers (ERMO) are medical specialists, board certified in their respective field of specialties,  our resident physicians are under fully accredited residency training programs, trained in BEST, BLS, and ACLS.  Beyond that, ER MEDICAL CARE is their passion.  The team at CGHMC ERD is inspired by the fast pace of ER care and is trained to meet patient’s most immediate needs.


Emergency Room Department (ERD) Chief : David Kwong, M.D. FPAFP

ERD Assistant Chiefs : George KC Cheu, M.D., FPCS
                                     John Q. Lim, M.D., FPCS

ERD Medical Officers (ERMO) : Nestor Garcia, M.D., FICS
                                                     James Bagay, M.D., FPCS
                                                     Ruby Baysa-Ong, M.D., FPOGS
                                                     Sau Kam Chong, M.D., FPOGS
                                                     Ronald O. Go, M.D., FPCS
                                                     Eugene P. Castro, M.D., FPCS
                                                     Amiel Gilbuena, M.D., DPBS

ERD Head Nurse : Maritess Fontamillas, RN