Billing & Settlement


Deposit is required for all admission types other than emergency cases and guaranteed accounts. Amount of deposits are based on the following room accommodation:

Room Upgrade – additional payment based on the required initial deposit of the room type or settlement of the whole balance incurred as of the day of transfer, whichever is higher.

Discharging Procedures

•    Your attending Physician will tell you when you are well enough to leave and will order your discharge.

•    To avoid delay in the discharging process, submit all applications for Philhealth and/or Senior Citizen’s discount at least 2 days before your discharge date.

•    Patients are advised to wait for a call (thru your local line or at the Nurses’ Station) from the Cashier section of the Accounting Department when to settle your hospital bill. Patients and relatives are discouraged to wait in line at the cashier’s station prior to receiving the call that they can already settle their bill.

•    After you have settled you accounts, the Cashier will give your clearance slip which will be presented to the Nurse on Duty or Guard on Duty.

Billing for Room Accomodation

One-day charge for 24-hours of stay or less

Billing cut-off is 12:00 nn

Billing Office is open 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

After 3:00 pm – Additional 1 Day Room Charge


Additional One day room charge for the following:
1.    Submission of complete Philhealth and/or Senior Citizen documents after 12:00 nn on the date of discharge
2.    Payment of final hospital bill after 3:00 pm

Philhealth Requirements

Philhealth benefits may be used when proper requirements have been complied with the Medicare Section prior to discharge. Failure to submit all the requirements would mean no Philhealth deduction in the final bill. However, you can still file your benefit claim within 2-3 weeks after discharge, thru CGH-Medicare Section for reimbursement from Philhealth.

We would like to reiterate that your Philhealth form should be properly filled up by your Attending Physician and your Employer and filed with our Medicare Section at least two days before date of discharge to facilitate processing.

Financial Arrangements

Credit & collection Department (CCD) provides patients with a notice for initial / additional deposits and a running bill or a partial bill. We advise that you make arrangements to pay regularly in order that the bill does not accumulate. The balance of accounts if any should be paid upon discharge. Professional fees of your Attending Physician are billed separately and must be paid in cash either at the Cashier or directly to the clinic upon the doctor’s advice.

In cases of HMO cardholders, only those hospital charges, procedures covered under the Letter of Authority can be charged to the HMO, the rest must be settled through cash or credit card at the cashier section.

The hospital only accepts cash and credit card payments. Visa, Mastercard, and Diners Card are the only credit cards accepted.

HMO / Insurance / Corporate Accounts

HMO/Insurance cardholders are requested to present their identification card to their HMO Coordinators for the issuance of Letter of Authority and then submit the same to Window 1 of the Accounting Department for verification. Those without accreditation are advised to shoulder their hospitalization expenses and to file their claim directly to HMO/Insurance/Company.

For accredited list of HMOs please refer to the link below: