About Your Treatment

Explanation and Information about your treatment

    You are entitled to information on your medical condition, conveyed in a way you can understand; your attending physician will gladly discuss the full detail of management with you. This information shall include, except in emergencies and where applicable:
•    Treatment options (including surgery process )
•    Known Outcome
•    Known Risks of treatment
•    Known Risks and consequences of non-treatment
•    Estimated hospital Bill
•    Plan for your continuous care after discharge  
•    The names of the healthcare professionals responsible for your treatment

In addition, may also request:
•    A copy of your medical report in accordance to the hospital’s policy
•    An explanation of your hospital charges
•    Any additional information queries you may have about your stay in the hospital.

The information provided will help you decide whether to give consent to, or refuse the proposed treatment and/or procedure.

    However, if you choose not to undergo treatment, or leave the hospital against the doctor’s advice, to the extent permitted by the law, you may do after signing a form request discharge against medical advice. You will accept full responsibility for the consequences as of your decision.