Section of Pulmonary Medicine

Contact Number: 711-41-41 loc 557

The section of Pulmonary Medicine began its humble beginnings in the 1970's when its services were then being outsourced to an external service company. Seeing the need and in line with the hospital administration's mission and vision of providing the best possible health care for its Filipino and Chinese brethren, the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center has, over the years, undertaken the task of upgrading the facilities and reorganizing the services of the Section of Pulmonary Medicine.

In its 30 years of existence, the section has acquired state of the art diagnostic facilities and equipments, coupled with the formalization of the Pulmonary Fellowship Training Program in 1999, which was accredited under the strictest standards set by the Philippine College of Chest Physicians.

Currently, the section boasts of the latest pulmonary function test machine, the V-max Sensormedics by Viasys Body Plethysmograph; the ABL 800 blood gas analyzer machine, 14 Category 2 positive pressure ventilators (Viasys Vela ventilator) and the Olympus Elvis Axera II Bronchoscope.

To date, the Section of Pulmonary Medicine stands tall among its fellow training institutions. All of its graduates have been certified Diplomates of the Philippine College of Chest Physicians which is a tribute to the section. In partnership with the hospital administration, the section will continue to provide quality training to aspiring pulmonologists and provde quality pulmonary services to the Filipino-Chinese community.