Quality Management Team

Because the Management under the leadership of the President, Dr. James G. Dy wanted us to be better than where we are now service level wise, the Quality Management Team of the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center (CGHMC) was formed last March 2007.

The Quality Management Team (QMT) is created to gurantee hospital's commitment to improvement through institution of various quality activities. Worth mentioning of the undertakings is the full implementation of the Philhealth mandate on Performance Improvement of Health Services that led to CGHMC's Philhealth accreditaiton as Center for Excellence last May 2010.

Concurrently, the QMT plays a vital role in spearheading the development and effecting a comprehensive three-level Quality Management System (QMS) documentation for the hospital. This effort is geared towards realizing the organization's Vision of becoming a "Global Leader in Healthcare Management" thrgouh ISO and eventually JCIA.

The Team is manned by quality driven staff working in close coordination with the top management and the other members of CGHMC. All its endeavors are inspired by a common goal of uplifting the quality standard of health care services we provide and sustaining continual improvement in institution-wide quality processes.


The Quality Management Team:

1. Department Head - Ms. Evelyn Sy Lao

2. QMT Staff - Ms. Rachel M. Mendoza

3. QMT Staff - Ms. Ave Grace P. Valdez

4. QMT Staff - Ms. Alariz Victoria G. Capati

5. QMT Staff - Ms. Shannie Llois G. Rosalejos

6. QMT Secretary - Ms. Jelly F. De Vera