Operating Room

  Contact Number: 711-41-41 loc  252

The Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center’s operating room is under the administration of the Department of Surgery.  It is designed and set up to handle major surgical procedures. It is one of the busiest operating rooms in the country. For the first quarter of this year alone, there was an average of 671 major operations and 559 minor operations done monthly.

There are ten (10) major operating rooms that are reserved mainly for specific cases though being used also to handle other major cases.



    Major I
        -    Laparoscopy
        -    Laparoscopic Procedures
        -    Neuro cases
        -    Orthopedic cases
        -    Big major cases
    Major II
        -    Obstetrical cases
        -    Gynecological cases
    Major III
        -    E.N.T. cases
        -    Orthopedic cases
    Major IV
        -    Amputation
        -    Minor Gyne cases
        -    Minor Surgery cases
    Major V
        -    Dirty cases
    Major VI
        -    Ophthalmologic cases
        -    Stat cases
    Major VII
        -    Urologic cases
        -    Orthopedic cases
        -    Cases requiring use of C-Arm
    Major VIII
        -    General Surgery
        -    Gynecological Cases
    Major IX
        -    Obstetrical and Gynecological Surgery
    Major X
        -    Minor cases requiring General Anesthesia

    EYE Room –    Reserved for ophthalmological cases
    Laser Room –    For ophthalmological diseases
    Two (2) minor rooms for OPD cases

    Cardiovascular Cases and Renal Transplantations are done in the two (2) Operating rooms under the Heart Institute.

The O.R. is boasts of the state-of-the-art equipments, including the newly acquired Storz Laparoscopic System with the additional new Siemens Siremobil Compact. The O.R. staff is headed by a supervisor with 8 head nurses and 41 nurses, 6 technicians, 4 surgical assists and 20 orderlies. It is a team of highly competent and experienced health care providers fully trained to deliver world-class service to an average of 1200 patients per month. A truly safe have for anyone who needs surgery.

L C-arm
Ultracision Harmonic Scalpel
Valleylab Cool Tip Radiofrequency Ablation System
Versapulse Holmium Laser
Storz Uroendoscopic System
two Zeiss Ophthamicroscope
Moller Wedel ENT microscope
and Bronchopchopic System
Ultrasound Falcon B-model Console for intra-operative sonographic studies.