Oncology Unit

  Contact Number: 711-41-41 loc 1511

In the world of oncology where concepts are rapidly changing and new medicines are constantly being developed, there is a growing demand for a “patient-centered” approach to promote good quality of life for cancer patients. One of the challenges is easy access to chemotherapy. Before, patients due for treatment were admitted to an inpatient bed. In many instances, patients would not start receiving chemotherapy until late in the evening.

In keeping with hospital mission, vision to deliver high-quality care to cancer patients, the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center established the Hematology-Oncology Unit. It Provides short infusion outpatient chemotherapy treatments ranging from a few minutes to 6 hours. This way, patients can now start chemotherapy infusions early in the day as outpatient, rather than waiting to be admitted. Other services include transfusion of blood and blood products, phlebotomy, care of venous access devices, and administration of other oncology-related products including bisphosphonates, ESA’s, and GCSF. Located at the fifth floor Rm N511 of the New Building, The unit is composed to a reception area, a treatment preparation area, and 5 treatment chairs that recline for the patient’s comfort. It is manned by 4 competent, IV-therapy certified oncology nurses. Operating hours are Mondays thru Saturdays 8am – 4pm.