Nursing Service Department

Manned by more than 1000 personnel, with no less than 700 competent and efficient registered nurses that continuously deliver optimum, holistic band quality nursing care.  A vital division of the institution that functions through coordination with the medical staff and other allied disciplines. Direct responsibility of the nurses-staffing and supervision of the hospital’s 5 OB-Gyne wards, 3 Pediatric wards 15 Medical/Surgical wards and 15 special units.


CGHMC exclusively welcomes applicant BSN graduates from the CGH College of Nursing and Liberal Arts. The following requirements are needed to be submitted to the nursing service office or to CGHCN (Office of the Dean).
          - comprehensive resume with 3 pieces 2x2 photo
          - photocopy of PRC license
          - photocopy of Board Rating Certificate
          - photocopy of Diploma
          - photocopy of Transcript of Records
          - photocopy of NBI or Police Clearance


Nursing Service Department (NSD) assures every nursing personnel trained to be compassionate, and is equipped with knowledge, skills, medical innovations and trends by providing continuous professional growth through updates, seminars and nursing research, i.e. IV Theraphy Seminar which is conducted for free thrice a year under the Nurse Education Coordinator.

Private Duty Nursing

CGHMC is affiliated with more than 50 Private Duty Nurses. All are experienced and well trained to provide and maintain highest professional standards. Any patient/relative in need of an eight hour bedside nursing care could request for a PDN service directly from the NSD Office @ 7114141 locals 550 or 334.