Hospital Infection Control Committee


The prime moving committee in sustaining quality healthcare services through prevention and control of healthcare-associated infection in adherence to global standards.


We shall ensure full compliance to infection control standards and practices thereby minimizing incidence of healthcare-associated infections among our patients, healthcare workers and visitors as well.

Programs and Activities for the year

  1. Infection Control Orientation Program
    1. Conduct orientation lecture for trainees, volunteer nurses, newly hired staff, nursing aides and orderlies to include new interns and residents/fellows and allied services.
    2. Orientation lecture for housekeeping personnel/janitorial staff.
  2. Basic Training Course on Hospital Infection Control
  3. Monitoring of sensitivity and resistance pattern of antimicrobials
    1. Collection of data from laboratory
    2. Collation of data
    3. Data Analysis and Recommendation
  4. Targeted Surveillance on Health Care Associated Infection ( ICU, CCU, Neuro ICU )
    1. Collation of Data
    2. Data Analysis / Recommendation
  5. Weekly Reporting of Notifiable Diseases to DOH   ( Epidemiology Section )
    1. Collection of Data
    2. Submission of data to DOH
  6. Regular inspection of all areas
    1. Check/monitor compliance of hospital staff to ICC guidelines and practices
  7. Outbreak Investigation
    1. Investigate and identification of source
    2. Implementation of appropriate standard infection control measures
    3. Provision and appropriate use of PPE
    4. Monitoring of cases
    5. Isolate / or cohort patient accordingly
  8. Update on HIV/AIDS
  9. Lecture / update on HIV/AIDS - current situation in the Philippines



  1. Recommends and establish standards necessary to minimize hazards and risk of Hospital Associated Infections (HAI) among patients, Health Care Workers (HCW) and visitors as well.

  2. Formulates/updates Infection Control Policies, guidelines and procedures.

  3. Ensures implementation of Infection Control Policies, guidelines and procedures.

  4. Prepares reviews and evaluates the progress of effectiveness of the Infection Control Program.

  5. Ensures availability of resources and contingencies for Infection Control Program.

  6. Disseminates necessary information and coordinate with medical, nursing, administration, other hospital committees and other appropriate government agencies.

  7. Defines goals, objectives and priorities for all surveillance activities on Health Care Associated Infection (HCAI).

Operating Schedule:

Office Location: 5th Floor Old Building (in front of the elevator) except Holidays (but all Infection Control Concerns and Problems can be referred 24 hours on call)

                                    Contact #:          711-41-41 Local 619

Hospital Infection Control Committee


Marilou Ong – Tantuco, MD (Department of Medicine)


Manolito L. Chua, MD (Department of Medicine)

Zenny Malilay, MD (Department of OB-Gyne)

Ana Marie Morelos, MD (Department of Pediatrics)

Robert Ngo, MD (Department of Surgery)

Rommel Domalaon, MD (Department of Laboratory-Bacteriology Section)

Evengileta A. America, RN (Infection Control Nurse – Supervisor)

Michael Bryan R. Avenir, RN (Infection Control Nurse - Staff)

The Chinese General Hospital & Medical Center’s Infection Control Committee was created through the “unwavering” initiative of the “late” Dr. Kasian Lim, who was then our Medical Director, and our beloved President, Dr. James G. Dy. It was in the year 1994 when the Infection Control Committee was created & conceptualized as required by Department of Health (DOH).

During its founding years, many doctors spearheaded the committee and among them were, Dr. Evelina Lagamayo, Head of Microbiology Medicine who served as the committee’s chairman, with Dr. Jennifer Chua, an Infectious Disease Specialist as her co-Chairman with Dr. Doris N. Chua, Dr. Robert Ngo, Dr. Zeny Malilay and Evengileta America as members. Former committee chairman include Dr. Jennifer Chua and Dr. Doris Chua.

Over the years, the members of the committee have devoted their time and effort in the promotion of infection control. It is no longer just a job, or a challenge but more of a commitment in helping the hospital meet quality standards of hospital care…

HIV/AIDS Committee:

The HIV/AIDS Committee Core Team (HACT) was formed in the year 2005 as part of the requirement of hospital licensing (DOH).

Dr. Manolito L. Chua, was officially appointed as the chairman with Dr. Marilou Ong Tantuco and Ms. Evengileta America as members.

This HACT committee is a sub-committee of Hospital Infection Control Committee with the primary goal of facilitating the provision of safe, comprehensive and compassionate care to HIV/AIDS patients in coordination with hospital staff to prevent and control the transmission of HIV/AIDS infection ensuring patient’s right to medical confidentiality