Hemo Dialysis Unit

  Contact Number: 711-41-41 loc 530

The Hemodialysis Unit is led by a team of highly qualified and dedicated nephrologists, headed by the section head of Nephrology, Dr. Alberto Chua. The unit head is Dr. Florencio Ong, Dr. Rachelle Chua is the training officer, assisted by Drs. Ruby Lim and Erleen Ngo. The Transplant unit is headed by Dr. Arnel Chua. Dr. Radcliff Cobankiat is the Section‘s OPD (out-patient). Coordinator and Dr. Josephine Go-Yap is the research coordinator. These dynamic teams of neprologists are all Board certified by the Philippines Society of Nephrology and respected members of the society. They have had extensive experience and expertise in the management of patients with end stage kidney disease.

Nursing care is guided by policies and procedures based on international standards. We have a team dedicated and competent renal nurses and technicians who can handle all models of renal replacement therapy. The renal nurses are certified members of RENAP (Renal Nurses Aassociation of the Philippines) and undergo periodic updates through postgraduates studies and seminars related to the practice of hemodialysis. Policies and procedures are strictly adhered to by all medical and nursing staff. Professionalism and teamwork in the workplace are religiously observed. Customer satisfaction is the focal point of our patient care.

The Hemodialysis Unit is a DOH and PHILHEALTH accredited facility, and has maintained its status by keeping with the standards required of them. It has an 18-bed station, utilizing state of the art B. Braun Dialog+ hemodialysis machines. Dedicated machines are allocated to Hepatitis B and C patients. Complete water treatment system consists of 16 stage Reverse Osmosis Purification system to ensure that the water used is of the highest purity and quality. Dialyzers with clearance and ciocompatibility profile, with a simple yet safe handling and a low residual blood volume are used. Single use bloodlines, IV lines and Transducer filters to ensure safe dialysis are our standards dialysis practice. Premixed hemodialysis bicarbonate and acid concentrates from B. Braun, which use the purest water to ensure total safety and effectiveness with a complete range of formulation tom satisfy specific needs of dialysis are available. We utilize a fully automatic dialyzer reprocessing system to ensure that our Reus program is in accordance with International Standards.

We have established a Quality Management System and have implemented procedures required to identify the needs and expectations of our clients-to be able to provide dialysis service that will allow us to become world class.

The Hemodialysis Unit is located at the 2C Wing of the old building of Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center.