Delivery Room

Contact Number: 711-41-41 loc 353/354

The Labor and Delivery Room of Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center, is a specialized area that aims to server wholistically all women in labor, during delivery and immediate postpartum. We advocate "Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital" that prioritizes breastfeeding. The labor/delivery room is manned by competent consultants, residents and highly trained DR/OR nurses, who are deeply committed to compasionately serve the PATIENT.

The delivery Room is located on the 3rd floor of the main building beside the 3A ward. It is further divided into four main parts that covers all Ob-Gyne cases.

The first part is the Ultrasound machine and is operated by our very Ob-Sonologists. The second part is the Labor Room, whichhas a 14 bed capacity. It is in this area that the nurse interviews and orients each patient on all procedures including breastfeeding. It is aksi here that the residents do their evaluation of each case. The third part is Delivery Room. We have four well maintained and functional delivery rooms. DR2 is also equipped for double set-up procedures, while DR3 also serve as isolation room for infectious and communicable cases. The last part is the Recovery Room or step on essential health practices especially breastfeeding which is reinforced up to the time that they are transferred to their respective room accompanied by the nurse on duty.

Hence with the present set-up and services offered, we strive to be the center of excellence in women's health care.