Established in 1975, the Department of Medicine of the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center has been the forefront of excellence in adult care medicine. Aimed to be the premier department of internal medicine with global standards of patient care, training and research - the department has been growing to attain such standards. It has always been the goal of the department to ensure delivery of quality service to medical patients and to train and develop professional and skilled general internists, preparing them for specialization in the different fields of medicine.

TRAINING AND RESEARCH - Since 1988, the department has been accredited by the Philippine College of Physicians to provide training to potential internists. An optimum ground and opportunity for research, training and continuing medical education is guaranteed. The training program is likewise keen on research opening avenues for scientific papers to be presented locally and internationally.

DISEASE PREVENTION - Primary and secondary prevention of medical disease has been the thrust of the department. As a cornerstone of wellness, patient education is established by conduction of several lay fora and participation in different campaigns of the various subspecialty societies.

                                             THE RESIDENCY TRAINING PROGRAM

The Residency Training Program in Internal Medicine at the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center (CGHMC) is a three-year program accredited by the Philippine Specialty Board of Internal Medicine (PSBIM) and the Philippine College of Physicians (PCD). The General Internists equippped with sound, humanistic, scientific, evidence based, ethical and clinical capabilities required in the practice of Internal Medicine.


The Residency Training Program in Internal medicine has the following objectives:

   - To train as well as develop professional and skilled general internists, and prepare them for specialization in the different fields of Internal Medicine

   - To stimulate and assist the trainees in developing their aptitudes for clinical as well as scientific investigation and research.

   - To encourage the development of desirable attitudes of professional, social consciousness and civic mindedness.


The Residency in the Internal Medicine is a three-(3)-year program. The number of residents shall depend on the need of the department according to the evaluation of the Chairman of Medicine and in accordance to the requirement set by the Philippine College of Physicians.

The medical residents in a structured rotation are also exposed to management of private and charity cases of the following subspecialties during their training, namely:

     Allergology and Immunology











     Infectious Disease

As part of the requiments for completion of the residency program in Internal Medicine, each resident is required to submit critical appraisals of medical journals, a meta-analysis, and an original prospective study prior to their graduation.

A certificate of completion is given to each resident after their three-year residency training in Internal Medicine. Completion of this program qualifies the resident to apply for the diplomate examination of the Philippine Special Board of Internal Medicine and as a Fellow of the Philippine College of Physicians, subject to the prerequisite and requirements of these organizations.


Residents are expected to devote themselves to their respective duties and responsibilities as a service to the hospital. Assignment of duties and responsibilities will be based on individual resident level of training, experience and competence.

The evaluation of the resident's performances is accomplished through the following: evaluation by the consultant staff, monthly written cluster examinations (in conjuction with other member hospitals of the PCDP-Espana Cluster),  oral examinations, attendance and the submission of all research requirements.


The following criteria should be fulfilled before an applicant can be accepted into the program:

     - He/She shall have a degree in Medicine and must have finished internship training in an institution accredited by the Association of Philippine Medical College (APMC).

     - He/She shall have passed the examination given by the Board of Medicine of the Professional Regulation Commission of the Republic of the Philippines and possess a license to practice medicine in the Philippines.

     - He/She shall have passed the qualifying exam and interview given by the Residency Training Committee of the department

     He/She must have good moral character as attested by persons endorsing the applicant.

     - He/She shall have completed a period of pre-residency training during which time his/her performance shall be evaluated by house staff and consultants of the department.


- Meals 3x/day (midnight and snack for those on duty)

- Uniforms (2 blazers throughout Residency)

- Vacation Leave (2 weeks a year)