"The Section of Gastroenterology held a Small Bowel Endoscopy Workshop last June 23-24, 2015. It was the first workshop in the country that was used to disseminate an increased awareness of small intestinal diseases and endoscopic approach to diagnosis & management. Small bowel diseases may be few, but their presentation and morphology varies widely. Two international faculties were invited to do lectures and demonstration on their expertise: Dr. Mohan Ramchandani (Asian Institute of Gastroenterology; Hyderabad, India) for enteroscopy; and Dr. Jarrod Lee (Mt. Elizabeth Hospital; Singapore) for capsule endoscopy.

Local faculties were also invited to do lectures on CT (Dr. Cesar Co) and MRI enterography (Dr. Anthony Cheng). Live endoscopy demonstration and intensive hands-on practice were utilized to train participants in the techniques of single balloon enteroscopy. The participants also learned about Olympus Endocapsule and how interpret pre-recorded cases on computer workstations. The program was sponsored by Olympus Singapore and Pharmedic Philippines. The Philippine Society of Digestive Endoscopy supported the workshop and helped disseminate invitations nationwide, with doctors from Baguio down to Davao attending the program.

The workshop was considered a success since the participant's skills and knowledge on small bowel diseases and their endoscopic management & diagnostic approach were significantly improved."