An Ode To Mom



One can never pay in gratitude…
May be “in kind”, somewhere else in life…
To the little candle that throws her beam —
So shines a good deed in her child.

I was never alone, never isolated,
And when I had run out of strength;
And hope was floundering —
You have the gift of touch to make me stand.

You listen to the ordinary things in my life;
Just because it’s me.
You give me your time —
The most generous gift of all!

For all the ordinary happy things;
You’ve put aside to care for your child.
Don’t think I don’t know —
How hard it has been for you sometimes…

You seem so calm, so in control…
No one knows how often  you have longed to run away and weep —
For what you have done…
For what you have endured — THANK YOU!