CGHMC 25th Year of Research Paper Presentation


The Department of Medical Education Committee on Research, headed by Dr. Marita Lim ke   held its 25th year of Research Paper Contest.


Dr Kelvin Chan Dr Nestor Pascua

Research paper presentation of First Year residents was held last October 25, 2008 at the MRI Building Conference II. Dr. Leonor Cabral Lim was emcee and judges were Dr. Kelvin Chan (Chairman), Dr. Nestor Pascua and Dr. Alexander Koa Lee (members).


Dr Michael Chu

1st Prize - Dr. Michael Chu
Department of Medicine

Dr Kristina Facelo

2nd Prize - Dr. Kristina Facelo
Department of Ob-Gyne

Dr Benita Gatmaitan

3rd Prize - Dr. Benita Gatmaitan
Department of Surgery


Dr Lawrence Gotamco Dr Ana Marie Morelos Senior Presentation

Research paper presentation of  Senior residents was held last December 6, 2008. Dr. Johnny Lokin and Dr. Edward Lim was emcee and Judges were Dr. Lawrence Gotamco(Chairman), Dr. Ana Marie Morelos(members).


Dr Melanie Cruz

1st Prize - Dr. Melanie Cruz
Department of Surgery

Dr Evangeline Go

2nd Prize - Dr. Evangeline Go
Department of Ob-Gyne

Dr Michelle Co

3rd Prize - Dr. Michelle Co
Department of Medicine