Avail of our Emergency Preparedness Kit for only P3,600.00.

Package include:

     2 pcs. bandage cloth

     Cotton ball

     Face Mask


     Arm / Ankle Splint

     1 pc Gauze Bandage (3x10) 

     2 pcs Gauze Bandage (2x10) 

     1 pc High Plastic Bandage (3"x5) 

     2 pcs High Plastic Bandage (2"x5) 

     Gauze Pad (4x4) 8 ply 

     10 pcs. Tongue Depressor

     10 pcs Cotton Swab

     Band Aid 50's



     Hot Water Bag 1L

     Ice Bag 1L

     Betadine 60ml

     Micropore Tape 1/2

     Bandage Scissor

     Prestan Practice Shield

You may inquire at the Information Section of call 7114141 loc. 222