Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Historical Background and Philosophy

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center was founded in 1891, when the late Don Carlos Palanca, duly appointed Capitan-in-charge of Chinese affairs during the Spanish regime, saw the need of an establishment to take care of the health needs of the growing Chinese community. Chinese General Hospital found its humble beginnings in the construction of a relatively small medical clinic at the southern side of Blumentritt Street. In 1893, Chinese General Hospital was formally registered by the Spanish government. Though meager in means and relatively poor in physical plant, equipment and apparatuses, the hospital was acknowledged as among the best at that time. The Philippine Chinese Charitable Association is the owner and operator of the hospital, devoted to the cause of charity and service of humanity. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology was established in May 1969, and its residency training was accredited by the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society in 1981.


Mission and Vision

The mission, vision and goals of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology are consistent with the hospital and include:

•    To provide timely, comprehensive and appropriate obstetrical and gynecological clinical, patient management and educational services to all patients, resulting in excellence in the standard of care, with quality patient outcomes.
•    To promote and maintain the highest standard of patient care through ongoing objective and systematic monitoring and evaluation of the quality and appropriateness of the delivery of patient care.
•    To provide a safe and culturally sensitive environment wherein patients, families, visitors and staff are afforded adequate privacy, respect and confidentiality.
•    To provide a practical, clinical experience for the residents in the differential diagnosis, evaluation and management of a wide-range of normal and abnormal conditions in obstetrics & gynecology.
•    To operate an effective obstetrical and gynecological service, emphasizing managed care and cost-effectiveness, which provides a continuum of community focused health care for women in which patients; their family, staff, physicians, residents and students share a positive and satisfactory experience.
•    To create and maintain an interactive, learning environment wherein all people respect each other, ideas are share, collaboration & creativity are encouraged, and individual professional growth & advancement is continually reinforced.

Our mission is to provide sustained leadership in scientific investigation, outstanding patient care and education by training the future leaders of our specialty.

Our vision is to train future leaders in Obstetrics and Gynecology, in both scientific investigation and patient care.


Organizational Structure

Chairman :                        Elizabeth S. Go, M.D.

Head Training Officer :  Marivic Tan-Vera Cruz, M.D.

Members :                        Margaret Go-Chan, M.D.

                                            Jennifer Obiles-Madera, M.D.

                                            Catherine Joie Carelle Roux-Ong, M.D.

                                            Patricia L. Tan, M.D.

                                            Jeanette Marie T. Yuyucheng, M.D. 


Hospital Facilities

The Chinese General Hospital Obstetrics & Gynecology department Labor and Delivery Room Complex is situated on the 3rd floor of the Old Building, and boasts of excellent facilities and competent medical & nursing staff. There are 76 senior and 10 junior consultants, with 20 residents rotating on 24-hour duties, assisted by nurses and support personnel. The department has 2 labor rooms with 14-bed capacity, appropriately equipped with 4 fetal cardiotocograms, and fetal dopplers. There are 4 individualized delivery rooms, equipped with delivery tables, suction machines, baby bassinets, cardioscopes, and anesthesia machines. The Recovery Room has an 8-bed capacity where the new mothers can recuperate immediately postpartum. The department also has a colposcopy unit for gynecological cases, and an ultrasound-high risk unit equipped with a 4-D ultrasound machine at par with the international standards where pelvic and transvaginal sonography, color Doppler, congenital scan, 4-D sonography, and sonohysterogram can be performed by trained specialists. The department also has a charity division which caters to indigent patients. It has a 30 ward bed capacity, 3 delivery tables, 1 labor room with 5 bed capacity, also equipped with a fetal cardiotocogram and fetal dopplers.


Contact Us

Tel # (632) 711-41-41 loc 353 / 354

Location: 3rd floor Old Building





The Residency Trainig Program is a four-year competency-based program designed to develop a medical graduate into a specialist equipped with the basic knowledge and skills necessary in the practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Philippines, capable of thinking and reasoning, and demonstrating traits of a caring physician, teacher, and researcher.

The graduate should be able to:

1. Discuss physiologic and pathophysiologic changes of patients in Obstetrics and Gynecology

2. Critically apply theoretical knowledge in the management and care of Obstetrical patients.

3. Perform all minor and major diagnostic and therapeutic procedures/surgeries relevant to the practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

4. Discuss at least 1 interesting case paper.

5. Conduct at least 1 research paper.

6. Implement National Health Policies regarding maternal-child care.

7. Demonstrate desirable traits.


The residents will be assigned on a Rotation Basis to the private division as well as the Charity Division. While in the Charity Division they will rotate in the Out Patient Service (OPS), the Department of Pathology for 3 months (under the direct supervision of the said Department), and senior residents will be assigned to high risk clinic, ultrasound and colposcopy sections.


1. Requirements for admission into the residency training program:

   a. Degree of Doctor of Medicine from an accredited college or university

   b. Certificate of completion of the Internship Program from an accredited hospital

   c. Passed the Physician's Licensure Examination conducted by the Board of Medicine of Professional Regulation Commission.

2. Applicants with the following characteristics shall be considered for admission:

   a. Preferably Filipino Citizen

   b. With good moral character

   c. In good physical health

   d. With the personality and attitudes considered suitable for a career in OB-GYN

3. The residency program starts on January 1, An accepted applicant who fails to start his residency forfeits his slot in the program.


- Meals 3x/day (midnight and snack for those on duty)

- Uniforms (2 blazers throughout Residency)

- Vacation Leave (2 weeks per year of Residency)