Historical Background

The Chinese General Hospital College of Nursing and Liberal Arts (CGHCNLA) was founded in 1921 as the Chinese General Hospital School of Nursing (CGHSN). The idea was conceived by Dr. Jose Tee Han Kee, the Director of the Chinese General Hospital. With him were three physicians who organized the training school. The Sisters of the Immaculate Conception based in Hong Kong and Canton were requested by Dr. Tee Han Kee to help in starting the school having been impressed with their work. The first batch of five sisters arrived in August 1921. Mrs. Praxedes Co Tui, a registered nurse from the Philippine General Hospital was appointed as Chief Nurse and Principal of the School of Nursing.


Vision of the Founders

The vision of the founders for the establishment of a nursing school was to supply nurses for the Chinese General Hospital (CGH) to provide better nursing services thereby enhancing the hospital’s prestige. The CGH was one of the few most modern hospitals in the country then. The vision involved a nursing school that would be one of the best. Thus, the people behind the establishment of the school were noted for their idealism and commitment to competence and hard work. And as the records reveal, the earlier graduates of the CGHSN placed as topnotchers in the Board Examinations and the rate of passing was 100%.