Board of Directors



Dr. James G. Dy, Ph. D.


President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Mr. Florante Dy

Dr. Benito Goyokpin

Mr. Kelly Sia

Honorary Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board

VP-Financial Operations and

OIC-Purchasing Operations


Mr. Lin Yin Wing

Mr. Benito Ngo Sin Seng


Mr. Cristino Lim

Executive Vice Chairman of the Board

Assistant Treasurer


Dr. William Lee

Corporate Secretary

Mr. Siy Yap Chua

Mr. Antonio Tan

Mr. Ngo Giok Kim

Mr. Jose Castaneda Jr.

Vice Chairmen

Mr. Albert Abaya

Mr. Peter Go Peo

Mr. Carlos Chianpian

Secretary General


Dr. Benito Goyokpin Mr. Sixto Lugay Mr. Esteban Dy Mr. Jayme Ang
Mr. Simon Lee Tiong See Mr. Santiago Chee Ah Mr. Antonio Dino Mr. Wilson Ong
Mr. Peter See Home for the Aged Committee             Mr. Albert Abaya           Mr. Tecson Alonzo
Hospital Admin Commitee   Welfare Committee Property Committee

Mr. Juancho Pacheco

Mr. Lao Giok Chiao

Mr. Eduardo Uy

Dr. Tai Kuo Hsing

Mr. Tomas Valles

Mr. Vic Cheng Yong

Mr. Peter Lim

Mr. Michael So

  Chinese Cemetery Committee College Committee Public Relations Committee